Benefits of a Blast Chilling Regimen

NEW 3 Year Parts & Labor Warranty

HURRiCHiLL blast chillers and shock freezers are top of the line chillers and now have one of the longest warranties in the industry. The quality we build is shown by how well we back it up.


As experts for more than 60 years in refrigeration and controlled cooling, American Panel Corporation is proud to introduce the complete HURRiCHiLLâ„¢ line. This complete series of blast chillers and shock freezerscan be used to build customer satisfaction, increase profitability and preserve flavor over time.

Peace of Mind

Knowing you have properly chilled your hot food thru the danger zone and are in full compliance with the FoodSafe practices of HACCP. At HURRiCHiLL it is not sufficient to meet just the minimums, so all our appliances will chill a batch load from 160 to 38 in 90 minutes or less.

Less Shrinkage

Increase the yield of your prepared foods by not losing out to normal moisture lost through evaporation during slow cooling.

Wider Menu/Greater Choices

Increase your profitability by adding new menu items that have been prepared during slow times, properly chilled and ready to be finished in a first class manner when ordered by your patrons.

Food Quality

You spent a great deal of time in creating that perfect recipe and purchased only the best ingredients so don't destroy it by not chilling properly. Blast chilling maintains food texture, flavor and appearance. Strengthen your bottom line while cultivating satisfied customers.

Meet Unexpected Demand

When that unexpected, after theatre crowd arrives, have the entrees they want ready to go from your Food Bank.

Less Waste

Finish only the number of entrees or meals actually ordered and not throw out good (profitable) product because of no-shows or cancellations.

Time & Labor Savings

Prepare your foods when you want to; when the staff is available; and when the pace best suits your creative juices without the normal hustle and bustle of a "hell's kitchen". Cook now, blast chill and finish later all while adding money to your bottom line.

Improved Shelf Life

Capture that seasonal or special bulk buy opportunity and blast chill for a few extra days or shock freeze to stock up for the winter.

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