Construction Techniques

There are three major types of walk-in construction methods.
  • Foamed-In-Place (Expanded Polyurethane)
  • Hard Rail
  • Laminated (Polystyrene)
These three methods use two primary insulation materials.
  • Urethane Foam
  • Polystyrene
The R-factor of a material signifies how quickly heat conducts heat conducts across it. The higher this number the better the insulation works.
Our urethane foam has an R-factor of more than 32 (R32), most polystyrenes are only R19.
100% Edge to Edge Urethane Foam (R32)
Unexpanded Urethane Perimeter (R20-R27)
100% Polystyrene (R19)
American Panel uses absolutely no polystyrene or unexpanded hard rail urethane in the manufacturing of their walk-ins. This ensures that our panels are of the highest degree of quality and reliability.

Engineering Advantages

Cross section of American Panel's Construction
When we create our walk-in panels, we start with an interior and exterior metal skin. Foam chemicals are then injected between the two skins. The foam then expands to uniformly fill the entire area between the two skins. This allows our foam to hold the panel together eliminating the need to put extra fasteners, adhesives or straps within our panels.

Foamed-In-Place Manufacturing Means...
Higher R-Value (R32)
Safer Manufacturing
Better Construction