Chilling Explained

Why Blast Chill?
Bacteria are the main cause of spoilage in food products. They find their way in and proliferate, causing food to deteriorate-starting with the appearance, then the texture and finally the aroma and flavor. These micro-organisms work especially fast between 140˚F and 40˚F, however lower temperatures have a hibernating effect that increases as the temperature drops, gradually reducing bacterial activity until it stops altogether.

To limit the danger of bacterial contamination in food,it is extremely important to lower its temperature rapidly, thereby reducing the time spent in the danger zone (140˚F to 40˚F).

The blast chiller allows the product core temperature to be reduced from 160˚F to 38˚F in 90 minutes, so that the food can be kept longer with its original texture, flavor and aesthetic qualities. After blast chilling, the food can be preserved at a temperature of 38˚F for up to 5 days, after which it is reconstituted to serving temperature. The appearance, texture, aroma and flavor are all unspoiled.

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