Walk-In Coolers & Freezers

American Panel is pleased to offer the next generation of foamed-in-place walk-in coolers, freezers and insulated buildings. A unique new blend of the latest manufacturing technology and advanced product features offering...

High Efficiency
Our foamed-in-place urethane is the ultimate insulating material currently available for walk-in construction. Operating costs are significantly reduced as a result of the high insulating values of panels manufactured with urethane insulation. Other desirable properties include structural rigidity, dimensional stability, uniform density and compliance with nationally accepted building codes at 4" thickness.
Exceptional Appearance
Top quality commercial hardware, premium grade metal finishes and attention to manufacturing detail contribute to the overall appearance of the finished product. Whether used indoor or outdoor, for display purposes or general kitchen applications, American Panel walk-ins are always aesthetically pleasing.
Multiple Colors
Not only does American Panel provide exceptional appearance but numerous optional colors as well. This allows you to showcase product up front in your business place. Ask for a color chart to see all the colors to choose from.
Functional Design
Virtually any cold storage requirement can be met using American Panel walk-ins. Restaurants, hotels, hospitals, convenience stores, supermarkets, schools, prisons, bulk storage warehouses and multiple other institutions all have highly specialized needs. Rather than over-specify or under-specify, our desire is to provide equipment that exactly matches the job at hand. Experienced sales and engineering personnel are at your disposal to assist in the design of your next project.
Consistent Quality
Ours is perhaps the most thoroughly scrutinized production process in the industry. Our dedication to zero defect manufacturing and product reliability produces a top quality, pre-tested walk-in that fits together precisely and ensures a lifetime of dependable service.
Reliable Performance
Choose from our complete array of engineered refrigeration equipment and accessories for the most efficient and reliable installation possible. Our quality ensured remote, remote quick connect, pre-assembled remote, deluxe pre-assembled remote or quick connect self-contained units are available for any indoor or outdoor application. These units are assembled, built up and performance tested right in American Panel's factory and carry standard and optional warranties.
Lasting Durability
Space age materials like our fiberglass reinforced polymer (FRP) door perimeter and frame are used to protect your investment for years to come. FRP is a corrosion proof, impact resistant, non-conductive material that will not absorb moisture. Moreover, it is superior to steel, vinyl, wood or other commonly used door and frame materials as it will not rust, warp, twist, or support bacteria.
Ultimate Flexibility
Every American Panel walk-in is equipped with a full complement of standard accessories designed to meet the needs of a broad range of end users. However, depending on your particular requirements, you may wish to include additional options and features. American Panel can provide every item for even the most sophisticated of applications.
Outstanding Value
Considering the thoughtful design, efficient manufacturing process, skilled craftsmanship, advanced features and customer support, you simply cannot find a better walk-in value than American Panel.