Shock Freezing Explained

Why Shock Freeze?
Freezing temperatures (0°F) enable the storage time of food products to be extended. However, it is necessary to ensure that the freezing process does not damage the food quality. Slow freezing leads to the formation of macro-crystals of ice, which cut into the food tissues, making the food change consistency and lose nutritional characteristics upon thawing.

Shock freezing is the only system that allows food products to be preserved for weeks or even months, keeping the initial quality almost intact.

The fast penetration of cold transforms the liquids in the food into micro-crystals, which do not damage the tissues of the food, so that upon thawing, the product will not have weight and color loss while the texture and flavor remain unchanged.

By using a HURRiCHiLL shock freezer, it is possible to bring the food temperature from 160°F to 0°F within 4 hours.

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